Flint Histories
   Early Flint Letters from NY (1867 - 1918)
   Histories of William and Mary Jane Goodridge Flint 
   Three short histories of Luke Flint 
   Revolutionary War pension papers and other documents relating to John Woodard 

 Goodridge/Goodrich Histories
   Pioneer history involving the Goodridge, Hardy, and Taggart families (DUP) 

 Harries Histories
   Histories of Howell "Ollie" and Harriet "Hattie" Laird Harries 

 Laird Histories
   History of James and Mary Rennie Laird 
   A Record Book (1825-1884) of James Laird 
   Histories of Edward and Valeria Ann Flint Laird 
   Brief histories of brothers Edward W., James, and Joseph A. Laird - sons of Edward & Valeria Flint Laird 
      Edward William Laird 
      Jim Laird 
      Jim and Mayme Harries Laird 
      Mayme Vilate Harries 
      Joseph Albert Laird 
   Condensed history of James & Mary Rennie Laird and Hugh & Elizabeth Crealman Rennie 
   Brief history written by Rhoda Laird Naylor, daughter of Edward & Valeria Ann Flint Laird 
   Benjamin Ira Lloyd painting and sketches 
   Mountain Dell Maps 
   Mountain Dell Relief Society Book 

 Snelgrove Histories
   Account of the life of Charles Rich Snelgrove 

 Taggart Histories
   History of Henry & Mary Laird Taggart 
   History of James and Valeria (Laird) Taggart